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Are produced  substantiating,

a true ‘clean, green’ practice.

About Valley of the Giants Olive Grove & Vineyard

Grapes from Valley of the Giants Olives nd Wines
Olive Fruit Valley of the Giants Olives and Wines

The aim is to produce a different product from mainstream producers, to give the consumer confidence to purchase a true ‘clean, green product'. The cool climate is similar to that of the regions of Tuscany and Northern Italy, the source of many of the world’s best olives. Similarly, our oil is of top quality, with very low free fatty acid levels.

Following the planting, the olive trees and vines were mulched heavily with pea and barley straw and drip irrigated for the first four years. After this, the watering was ceased.

The main fertilisers used are fish, kelp and microbes, all applied by foliar sprays with an air-blaster. There are no disease issues beyond the occasional scale, which is treated with Bio-Pest, a certified organic paraffin oil.

Two olive groves were establishing in 1998 and 1999. Valley of the Giants Olives and now have a total of 2000 olive trees.   We have 5 acres of Vines which we established in 2001

 Because of our cool climate, similar to Tuscany and Northern Italy region, the source of the world’s best olives, we likewise produce top quality oil with very low fatty acid levels.”  


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